Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pb Ville...Get it? Leadville

I dropped the boys back at Copper Mtn again this morning. And took my time driving back to Leadville where the boys will meet me tonight.

The very first thing before hitting the trail, we noticed that Joe's tire had a gash on the side. We (they) put in some Stan's, which is a liquid sealant for tubeless tires which closed the hole. But before leaving they asked me to find them another tire. They did not want to finish out the journey with that tire. 
I went into Frisco to a bike shop where they had a similar tire to Joe's but would only be able to order the exact tire. SO I bought the Maxxis Ardent 2.4. I bought it with hopes that when I meet up with the guys tonight they will be pleased. (He was.) 

I drove back into Leadville, where I stopped at a park to make the girls lunch. I worked as they played for a bit. We decided after about an hour to go check out our camp spot for the night. The girls love the fact that they have to put quarters into the showers for the water to turn on, I however, am not too sure about this. 
We went to another (much cleaner) park for another hour of play while I worked. My girls met two other girls that were locals and they hung out and sang together on the monkey bars for a full set. My girls are really missing their friends and cousins right now. Don't get me wrong the two can find things to do. They play really well together, but have a cousin that lives right next door that is their best friend. 
The locals were called home so my superstars and I went for a walk down main street in Leadville. I got a few ideas of items to make when I get home, including a painting and a t-shirt skirt. I will probably fail, but could not bring myself to pay tourist prices for these items. I will probably need to blog about those when the time comes, so stay tuned...

The Spot device did a great job again today keeping me informed as to where the boys were at all times. I am getting better and better at trying to figure out where the boys are on the trail. The spot has no legend, but I can check it against the Colorado Trail Handbook and can tell with in a mile or so where the boys are. Today I got a text early that the boys were ready to be picked up. I was already on my way as I thought they were still three miles off and I thought I would meet them when they got there rather than sitting in the same location all day, but they were not at the place I scoped out earlier in the day. It threw me off, but because the Spot gives GPS coordinates when they send a message, I could add the coordinates into Google Maps and saw I was 3 miles off. I was sitting at Hwy24 and Tennessee Pass. They were stopped at Hwy24 and Tennessee Pass Rd. 
It was great to see them and even better to see the Spot work with such accuracy. 

They were looking worn out at dinner, so after replacing the new tire, and grabbing some post ride details via video camera, we turned in pretty quickly. 

Tomorrow they must bi-pass the wilderness areas, so their real start back on the CT will be Segment 11. I will be excited to ask Trav to speak again about the Twin Lakes on this segment.

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