Sunday, August 2, 2015

A #yardsale for the Kids

Today was a day I did not see the boys. They are expected to come in tomorrow mid morning and Travis has already assured me he will make another post to update the world as to the things he and Joey are seeing.

But for my "day off", I took the girls back into town and back to the park we played at last night. There was some sort of outdoor festival/ craft show going on and we toured the park and each and every booth. We picked up a couple of hand puppets for the girls. and the cutest little boutique shirt for me.

By the way, Snap and Sanchez, the next time you look after our place, we may have a donkey. The girls fell in love and spent 30 mins playing with these donkeys. The girls spent another 1.5 hours playing while I sat in the park working and keeping up with where the boys were through the Spot.

The girls and I searched for a place to eat, (4 restaurants closed) due to the festival being popular enough and the town being small enough to close down for such an event. We found a fun little Mexican food establishment, grabbed a bite and then went back to the Buena Vista KOA.

I called Kristin, as I was trying to decide if the boys had it in them to finish the segment tonight. They seemed to be moving much faster over the last couple of days. Maybe it's the new Pearl Izumi shoes that Joe has that are allowing his blisters to heal. Maybe they are faster because they are actually getting acclimated to the altitude here. Either way, I am 30 minutes from the LZ and do not want to spread out my camping "stuff" if I have to gather it all back together to head their way. She assured me that staying put for $30 less for the night was the best choice.

So the girls are back on the playground, making more new "friends". The temps have been in the 60's all day today. Wore shorts, and North Face fleece. #layers

Here is a link to some bonus footage of a yard sale on the top of the mountain.

Yard Sale  =  #amazeballs crash. This one is my hubs.

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