Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ride, Explore, and Eat Some More

I dropped the boys off at the trailhead of Mount Massive this morning. They were really looking forward to this day. The guys had what they thought was going to be a quick 21 miles because it was mostly down hill from the start. The plan was to meet me for a late lunch at the end of the trail on Segment 11 around 2PM. I would drive them into Buena Vista for a bite to eat, and then back to the trail where I would meet them in Salida in two days.

Before starting off to Buena Vista, the girls requested we drop by Turquoise Lake to see if it were really turquoise. It was not, but it WAS beautiful. We read a little out of the book of Job, threw some rocks, and then hopped in the van to meet the boys.

Well, for anyone following the Spot, you can see that the boys went off track for about 3 miles. That means that they then needed to back track for 3 miles to find the trail again.   I feel insanely helpless when I see this happening. I have no way to get ahold of them out here. As it is, I was already sitting about 20 mins from the end point of this segment so I could have internet and cell service. When dropping the boys off for Segment 3 a few days back, we ran into a lady who said that if they were ever to do something like this again, that she would purchase satellite phones. I think with the hiccup of the going off course today coupled with the fact that I did not have access to drive to the actual end point of this Segment 11, I would have to agree. IF we ever do this again, I will demand the purchase of satellite phones.

As we sat and waited on the guys to show up for lunch, or shall I say linner (by the time they arrived) the girls and I sat in the van and worked through a few workbook pages in their summer bridge books. They were bribed to finish them before we return to Oklahoma. If they finish them, they will get the $150 Jurassic World Lego set.

When we finally hooked up with the gents, we brought them into Buena Vista for a meal and an hour later we were at another trailhead and they were gone again.

I will be camping for real on my own this evening. No Kristin. No Joe. No Travis. Just me and the girls alone in the mountains. We stopped at a park on our way to the KOA and played for an hour. I spun the girls and several other park goers on this new fandangled merry-go-round. They had a blast, "making friends". We grabbed an ice cream, hit the city market, and then drove to the KOA.

I do not expect to see the guys tomorrow. But I will update anyway.


  1. Great bribe for the girls! I'm glad they are enjoying reading, because they can learn so much!