Friday, August 7, 2015

Journal Log - A Day in the Life.

As this trip is nearing an end, I am starting to make many connections to the World of Ed. That culminating blog post to come soon. But first an accounting of the minutes of my day.

6 AM - Wake up. Start a pot of coffee (yes I know I am roughing it, but a girl has needs). Brush my teeth. Start answering emails and solving the world's problems.

7:30AM - Rest of the van wakes up. DO not forget I am sleeping in my super duper decked out van. Ask the girls to make their own breakfast...they grab a couple of barkers and some chocolate milk. Breakfast when camping (glamping) is always that of champions. Start loading schedules.

9:30AM - the gents start their trip. We can see this through the link shared here.
Only, we realized way to late in the morning that it would not take them long to get to the LZ, so we started packing up camp. About the time we roll out of the campsite, we get the message that the boys are ready for their SAG vehicle. This was a big problem as my GPS said we were 2 hours away.

We had totally planned on being in town all day. Kristin and I were going to work from the park again and start heading out of town around 3. Because the boys said 3-4 days. Not 2 day and a partial morning. We drove the 2 hours to pick up the gents. Then we had to drive an hour back up north to catch out next highway.

1:30PM - By this time we were ready for a late lunch. We found a Pizza Hut in Gunnison that hosted a $5 pizza buffet. Joe literally ate 4 humans worth of food. It was great swapping stories with Trav and Joe. I know it's only a couple of days at a time, but it is always so great to see them.

2:00PM - Took a call from a parent about curriculum. Our school allows parents and teachers to work together to pick the best curriculum for their students. In this situation, I helped to answer more specific questions about similarities and differences between 3 offerings.

3:30PM - Drop the gents at the next DZ. It took about 30 mins to get them into different clothes, repacked, and butt buttered up. Yeah, that's right. At this point in the game their booties are not doing well. You can ask them for more details when they return...if you need more details.

4:00PM - Start our drive to Ouray. Here is the deal with driving in Colorado. There is not way to take the shortest distance between two points unless you have a high clearance 4WD vehicle. So our drive which as the crow flies was 25 miles away, was now 2 hours 49 minutes away because I did not have a 4WD van. It's super duper, but equipped for that kind of tour.

6:45 - We arrived at our camp spot at at nearly 7PM local time. Got our glamping equipment setup and put together. We are pretty darn good at the setup at this point in the game. We made dinner and started the movie Men in Black for the girls. Did I mention I used my new Chromecast the my friend Yolanda got me for my anniversary? That's right. we cast the movie up on the TV.

8PM - Back to the emails. As I got nearly no productive work accomplished today, I will be hard at it over the weekend to make up my time.

I have said it before, I will say it again...this SAGging is hard work. Here are a couple of pics I shot from the road and with our time with the boys. It was a slow pic day. More tomorrow.

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