Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Zero Day

After much consideration and conversation last night, the gents decided to take a zero day today. This means zero miles logged toward the goal.

There are some blisters and soreness, but otherwise the men have been in wild amazement of the sights they have seen.

On this zero day, we decided to sleep in until about 7AM (I am a morning person). Grabbed some Starbucks across the street, ate some of my Homemade Banana Nut Muffins, these are made with Nancy Edwards recipe and do not last long when I make them. They are pretty darn good.

We came back to the hotel for a little swim and a little laundry. As promised, the Tide Pods review: Wow! Now, Kristin used two Tide Pods but the washer was very large. She washed all of her clothes, Joey's clothes, and Trav's clothes. Trav removed his bicycle shorts from the dryer, smelled the nastiest place he could think of, and took a big whiff.
He said "they smell great!
Now, I did not go behind him to double check the smells, I took his word for it, but he was NOT being sarcastic.

I sat in the hotel room and worked for the better half of the day. We took a late lunch break at a local pizzeria called Peppino's. The food was great. While Trav ordered, Tatum and I ran into a little boutique shop looking for a belt, as my pants are fitting more lose today...trying to win this weight loss challenge...eating pizza, I know.
The little shop was owned by a lady and her husband. They were from Tibet and all of the wares in the store were handmade and beautiful. I was so excited to talk with her about her experiences as it's a place Trav and I have on the bucket list. She told Tatum all about the pieces and the prayer flags and how they are used. We purchased a necklace and a set of prayer flags.

We came back to the hotel and Travis took the girls for a little more swimming. I got quite a bit of work done during the family nap time.

Dinner was out at this Mexican restaurant, slowest service ever...but had a great dessert across the street. The frozen yogurt establishment was much like the ones you see back home in OK, but this place charged by the cup size and not the weight. We all grabbed cups of yogurt with toppings and Jolene grabbed a cup filled to the brim with nothing but candy toppings.

It was a great family day together. Tomorrow we wake up and make the boys breakfast before they take off for Segment 7 of their journey. Kristin and I will move on to Copper Mountain where we will fix the boys sandwiches for lunch and then they/we will be on our own until Leadville 2 days later.

In touch again tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are a couple pics from the day.
Girls playing videos games while doing laundry

Family selfie after lunch (wearing the necklace) Thanks for the Selfie Stick DC.

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