Sunday, July 26, 2015

Forgive My Granola Ways

I do have so much still to say about education, but for the next three weeks I am dedicating this blog to the Colorado Trail. I am still in the process of EducatingMe, but for the time being it will be over the ins and outs of the Colorado Trail. My husband will guest blog from time to time over this period as he is actually the one riding the trail. I (and my two daughters) however, am the SAG (Support and Gear) vehicle for the next three weeks. My friend Kristin is with us for two of the three weeks. She is the wife of Trav's riding partner Joey.

In an effort to EducateMe, I will be trying my hands at documenting this 500+ miles excursion that begins just south of Denver and ends in Durango, CO. This trail follows the Continental Divide alongside some of the most beautiful lakes and river passes. Travis and his friend Joe will experience eight mountain ranges winding up above the tree line at elevations topping out around 13,271 feet.

He and Joe have been training  and planning for this trip for nearly a year. And it began today.

Of course having my super duper camera I purchased for documentary purposes, I left it behind at the hotel. I was able to get what I could with my iPhone this day.  I scrambled to get shot after shot and take after take until they cursed me and told me they were ready to start already. We took a few last shots in front of the trailhead sign, said a prayer for safety over the boys and us gals driving the SAG vehicle and then they were out of sight.

It was kind of an emotional departure.  My children were already missing their dad (before the first down stroke of the petal). As I watched them move off around the corner, I couldn't help to feel a burst of emotion for this start to journey that has been a year in the making. For those of you that need it spelled out here, no tears fell from they eyes, but they DID swell up there.

We meet them again in a few days between Frisco and Breckenridge. We decided after the Denver Zoo parking lot made us re-evaluate the day, that we would make our way toward the vicinity of this meet-up. We went to the Outlets at Silverthorne for an afternoon of shopping. That is what the SAG vehicle is all about right? #RoughingIt

After the shops closed down, we decided to make our way toward a camp sight for the night. After throwing a dart to select one, we set up shop at this lovely campground called Heaton Bay. People - it was amazing. Views to die for and hiking for days.

Alright, rundown for the kids have been wearing dollar store mustaches for two full days...they won't come off. So tonight I will work to get them removed while watching Sandlot with my girls inside the back of the van.

Oops - I forgot to mention, I was roughing it. I bought a 2015 Ford Transit van last December. We have outfitted it with a couch we built into the back. The back-rest of said couch lifts to to make a bunkbed. There are shelving units in the back for my baskets filled with cooking supplies, groceries, clothes and coffeemaker. Oh and a 32in TV hangs on the wall with X-Box hooked up. Oh, and port-a-potty in the back. Home away from home for the next three weeks.

Here are a few shots from today.


  1. What an adventure!! Can't wait to read about all the shenanigans that will ensue.