Monday, July 27, 2015

Working out West

Day two from the SAGgin wagon was quit intense. It was my first official work day on the trip and it was a busy one. I spent from 7AM until 4PM working in the van for the most part and pacing my half acre camp spot while on the phone (trying to get those steps in anywhere I can).

The boys are on their day two had a fairly long road ride today. They rode segments 4 and 5 today which took them through a great deal of the devastated forestry area destroyed by the 2002 Haymen Wildfires. They ate in a small Diner in the town of Jefferson where they had cell service long enough to check in to let us know things were great, but hard. I think they were mostly worried about how their women were doing with the "roughing it". The finish ed the day by passing through Lost Creek Wilderness and Kenosha Pass. If you are interested in following them too, you can us the link provided here -

While I was working and the boys were playing, my girls, Tate and Jo, made friends with three other little girls and did exactly what they do best...make a fort. They picked flowers for a solid hour making the floor mats for the entrance. I hardly have the heart to let them know we are moving on tomorrow.

After the work day I clocked out and went from a run with my mate Kristin. Let me tell you, running at 674 feet above sea level (home) and running at 9,000 feet above sea level is quite different. My three miles was littered with jaunts of walking...erhm...picture taking lookout points. 

3 miles is tough stuff
This is an Osprey nest looking through a telescope

We found a Rec Center in the town of Silverthorne that offered day passes so we loaded up the kids and went there to swim and shower. This recreational center was redesigned last year and was newly outfitted with the most amazing of CurlyQ slides. We all hit the slide first and it did not disappoint. We also used the hot tub, sauna and Kristin and I ran a few AquaLaps. Tate bounced between all of the different activities the pool had to offer while Jo stayed at the super duper #amazeballs CurlyQ slide. She must have gone down it 57 times. 

After showering, we found ourselves at the local brewery for a patio dinner and craft root beer. Which - patio dining?  In Silverthorne?  We got cold. Not complaining a bit, but these temps are crazy (see photo of Jo below rocking a root beer and Kristin's jacket we dug out of the car.) Did a little more shopping for camping goodies and groceries, then had to play Tetris to fit two new coolers, one large tote, groceries for six, all the SAG supplies, four people, and a partridge in a pear tree into one crossover SUV.  Kristin's mad we didn't take a picture - she needs photographic evidence for a larger vehicle.

Tomorrow we will meet our gents at the end of their segment 6 of the Colorado Trail. Cannot wait to see them, but smelling them is a different story. #smellyalater. I'll post an honest review of Tide Pods after washing the first round of CT duds. Signing off now at the end of day two. Good night. 

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  1. Sounds like quite a decorative fort! My brothers and I made many defense structures as kids but I can guarantee we never included any flowery floor mats :) Enjoy day three!