Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What does #oklaed mean to me.

So, I started my #oklaed journey around 2 years ago. My friend Anne Beck invited me to EdCamp Tulsa, hosted by Jenks PS. My very first session was a Twitter 101. I was already on the Twitter, but I was fumbling. Tobias Brown, aka Doc Brown, split the room in half and taught the fresh fish how to set up an account, whilst walking the new-tos through what it means to chat and how to be a little more specific with your Twitters. It was game on from that day forward.
Sitting in the Mountains enjoying a Sunday evening #Oklaed chat

Scott, is the guy who sent out the challenge to write about what we thought #oklaed meant to us. In his 3/22 (today) The Drive, he talked about the growth a teacher could get out of take a video of themselves teaching and sharing. Well, I don't teach these days, so my blog posts are my way of doing just that...putting myself out there...being vulnerable to the criticism and the hits that might come my way.  I can write up a blog post of my thoughts and feeling on different topics, post it our on the Twitters and find that people either validate my thinking or tell me they feel I am still apart of the problem. Either way the feedback is amazing.

Another amazing thing that has come from #oklaed is the couple of wonderful small groups I am apart of on Voxer. These two groups have individuals from across the state. We are an unlikely band of educators that without the hashtag and the app Voxer, would not exist in a world together. So the #oklaed is a mixer for intellectuals. I can post a question to the Twitters... hashtag it with the #oklaed and get may different responses in return. I can ask my question to the Voxer groups and get immediate feedback. I can find people to oppose me and challenge me to grow.  I can find people to lift up my ideas and help me expand my thoughts.

#Oklaed has grown so much since I started. Today it is my PLN. It is my tool for growth. It is my teacher...way cheaper than Grad School. #Oklaed is my peeps.

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