Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cutting Funds...AGAIN

What could you do with $106 million dollars? 

State Dept be like...cut funding to the kids so we can Make It Rain.

The state of Oklahoma send out another memo saying that there would be another hit to education

Are you serious? 

I am wondering if the state of Oklahoma would like to or be willing to account for where they would like to put that $106 million dollars, an accounting for or a reckoning of the shortfall to the children and families of Oklahoma. I understand being in the hole. I do. I was once a reckless youth that while in college I overspent in my checking account. I paid the overdraft fees and then then learned a lesson. The lesson I learned was that you don’t spend money that you don’t have. 

I expect there is much more to running the state’s checkbook than that. And they are trying to do the fiscally responsible thing right now, they ARE trying to cut spending

But here is the deal…because there is always a deal. You also cannot continue to cut the funding to schools and also think you will be able to keep up with the Jones family one state over. According to The Huffington Post for the year 2014, we ranked as the 36th state when it came to educational systems and this school year we are ranked a whopping 48th in the union when it comes to education spending and gains. Surely one cannot draw a direct line between spending and outcomes.  Please oh please do not cut our funding for fiscal responsibility and then turn around in June or July and ask why the pudding is the same flavor. 

The cuts to an already crippling education system make me wonder if we can ask for more transparency as to where they will apply the money and find out what matters more than our future. I know it sounds cliche to say, but that IS the hope right? That is what our students will become? Maybe I am wrong. Maybe we do not need them to be the future. But leading as an example and teaching by modeling is part of the learning process. If all they see if continued hits to EDU, then what can we expect them to do when the time comes? 

This is just one girl's rant. Go here for more info

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