Saturday, August 12, 2017

Advice to a Friend

I was texting with a friend last night and this morning. It felt like it could easily belong here on the blog as a reflection piece. So here is MY side...

I always ask even without words that you unload on me. You gotta get that stuff out. 

Babe, I moved schools a lot too. There are times that it sucks, but the new start was helpful many times too.
None of it matters if you are trying to make a better life for your family. 

I had to take a serious look at my life and job a couple years ago. I was climbing a ladder and loving it. I love being busy. I love being the most knowledgeable person in the room about something. I loved teaching adults. But my own kids were suffering. I worked at home WITH them but was completely unavailable. 

I was worried about it looking like I was demoting. I was worried that I wouldn’t be a part of the “in crowd” anymore. I was worried I would be on an island. Guess what…all of those things are in a little way true and happened, but my family life has taken a major upswing. My kids are doing better in school. My husband and I didn’t even realize how burdened I was until I quit that admin role.

Do I miss it…YES! I miss having a seat at the table so much. I, however, just spent 2 weeks in Colorado. I have gone to so many pools with my kids this summer, I am back in charge of their learning and most of all I am happy.

You have to figure out the price of what you REALLY want, and then pay it.

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