Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Year-end Close Out

The end of the year came and passed. So I can keep myself accountable, this is my theme for next school year, I am going to post my summer to-do list here.

In between these nonpaying side jobs I have this summer, (it seems once the word gets out that you are "off work for a few months, you become a hot commodity) I have made a few goals for my summer. I plan to read several books. The first was Kim Bearden's Crash Course. I started this book last year but put it away when I made myself insanely busy building a curriculum. I loved how she used her students' stories to learn some great life lessons that she then shares with the world. It is a very quick read if you are looking for inspiration as well as so great pointers for ways to teach some of your same old content. The plan from here is fiction, then non-fiction and repeat. Kurt Vonnegut's Galapagos is up next. Do you want a book review for each book?

I am redesigning the inside of my van so the hubs can build it out for our trip to Colorado in late July. For those of you that read my blogs about the Colorado Trail a couple of years ago, we are headed back. This time the boys are cutting out the awful road segments and a couple of the segments that do not offer a grandiose view of the world. So our three-week tour will be cut to two weeks this time around. The girls and I will once again live in the van during this time period. We learned a great deal during the last grand adventure. We learned about what we need and do not need. We added another car battery to the van and purchased a refrigerator/freezer that runs on super low amps. No more searching for ice ever other day. No more coolers spilling over soaking the carpeted floor. But because of these new items to implement, we have to redesign the interior. I am pretty excited to head out into the world of "tiny living" and minimalism again.

I want to build up an amazing set of videos so I can flip my classroom next school-year. I had a blast this school year creating content for my little scholars. The only problem we really ran into was that the students couldn't move faster through the material if their so desired. In our school self-paced is a BIG deal. I made the lessons each week, so working ahead was not in the cards for a few. So over the summer, I plan to make all the videos for each lesson the kids will do for next year.

So there it is. Pretty boring read this go 'round. I"ll spice up the next couple to make up for the lameness of this post. What are your summer plans?

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