Wednesday, May 4, 2016


This is really nothing more than a quick shout out to my new friend Josh Flores

I absolutely love when worlds come together. In the past couple of years, I have kinda run in the same circle as the #OklaEd staple in Josh Danger Flores. For those of you that don't know him to well because maybe your circles haven't collided, he is a beer drinking, blog and podcasting sonofvagun with a love of coffee and education.

We have tweeted back and forth and narrowly missed each other at conferences (actually, I did sit in for like 15 minutes of his Evernote presentation at Recharge in Clinton last summer). Today however, we sat down to get to know each other the only way two people really can...with microphones shoved in our faces for an actually listened to podcast.

Joking aside, he was great. We shared the love of a few different things, namely professional development, coffee and teaching. I was at ease the whole time. Josh had a way of not letting it feel like we only knew each other via Twitter and that we were having a recorded conversation.

We talked about SXSW, my loves in education, a lot of Epic Charter Schools and my pet peeves in education. We will obviously have to have a few more rounds of this delightful version of conversation because we really only scratched the surface. I am looking forward to hearing more about his crzy adventures with PD and other projects in the works.


  1. I'm pretty sure Josh is a wine drinker... don't let him fool you! :)

    1. No Levi, you are right. He did tell me wine. I think he called you the beer drinker, or that teachers in general could handle some beer.