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5,4,3,2,1 - A bloggers challenge

Alright, I have been tagged to be apart of the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Challenge. Originally posted by Anthony. I think that Scott, who called me out, probably looked at my recent post history - the fan that he is - and desired to read more of my off the cuff - lacking the educational background - too many commas, 'cuz that's actually the way I speak - style of writing. 
Sidebar - I have thought about deleting this whole blog many times due to the fact I am not a writer. I'm a conversationalist
 I’m sure that’s it. But alas, here goes...

What has been your ONE biggest struggle during this school year?
  1. This school year in particular I have struggled with my ever changing job title/description. The year started out like last year, but I was sinking. I have a teaching background but my current job which I had become very good at, had evolved over the last two years into a largely systems background. The biggest struggle was wanting to know everything about everything when it came to our curriculum options - I like that, and that was very good at it - but It was not teaching, it was not my passion. I am happy to say that mid-year I have been asked to change job titles into professional development. I cannot tell you how excited I am and my struggle is waning now everyday.  And I still get to know everything about everything. :-)
Share TWO accomplishments that you are proud of from this school year.
  1. Most of you know that my school is different from most. We are a public, virtual, blended charter. Got that? I can go into all the ways to defend that to you nay-sayers, but that’s another post and a past post...keep reading. My daughters are students at Epic, they are with me everyday all day while I get to do my job. They are watching me do my work and also plan the EdCamps on the side. The oldest likes to pretend regularly to be like me. She has recently said that when she grows up, she would like to plan EdCamps just like me. She is a 3rd grader and now has a Voxer account with her friends and is planning all kinds of things from a vet club to lemonade stands. So. Proud.
  2. This one is kind of cheesy, and probably won’t mean much to anyone...I inherited the ownership and upkeep of a database built in Google Sheets that was a train wreck. It was started by someone who, God love her, just didn’t know the capabilities of Google and all the Googley tools out there. I took this thing that she was sharing as like 45 sheets at a time, built it into itself - Have I lost you yet - and am finishing it. Still has a little ways to go. It is now a fully functioning Wiki, and can be shared as one link and is fully operational. It shows each of our 15 curriculum options and where they hit and miss the Oklahoma standards, And the teachers now once they get the hang of using it, will have little guess work when it comes to re-teaching standards and filling gaps. I know, it’s a dorky accomplishment and I probably lost half of you, but you should see the thing.   
What are THREE things that you wish to accomplish before the end of the school year?
  1. Finish the Wiki.
  2. For my new job - find the best way possible to teach 200 teachers across the state of Oklahoma, virtually, while building a connected culture for our teachers. In B&M schools, you can breathe in the culture of a school when you walk through the doors. I have been to some of your schools over the last year…...I want to build a culture so that when we come together as a whole school our 4 to 5 times a year, you can feel the excitement in the room. Our last PD days, which I had a part in the planning process, were a huge jump in this direction. I won’t bore you with the details, but our teachers were very pumped at this event.
    Rick Cobb and Jun Kim - Last year at EdCamp OKC - Your South Moore was beautiful and your student volunteers were inspired. Rob Miller - Your school on my visit had me missing walls with all the high 5-ing we did. Kim Bearden and Ron Clark - There are no words to express the culture you have built in your school that set your teachers apart from the pack.

  3. Find a way for my daughter Tatum to help in the organizing of EdCamp Global as we start the planning process for the June event later this month. I expect to see your faces you can wear your pj’s and attend from home.

Give FOUR reasons why you remain in education in today’s rough culture.
  1. Serving our kids - I think we can do more.
  2. Helping students become self engaged learners and researchers.
  3. The connections that I have made over the year via Twitter and Edcamps and now Voxer.
  4. Knowing that I make a difference in the lives of kids everyday everyday.
Which FIVE people do you hope will take the challenge of answering these questions?
  1. Noah Geisel - @SenorG - A teacher of the year educator from Denver CO, whom I have met through Twitter. His work the badge systems and  I find intriguing. Tagging him might be a stretch
  2. George Couros - @gcouros - Probably need no intro, but first Edublogger I started reading and retweeting. The busiest man on Earth. Tagging him might be a stretch
  3. Scott Barry Kauffman - @sbkaufman - genius of an educator, who has inspired much of what I write about in grad school. His work in individuals, their motivations and their differences is what my school is all about. Tagging him might be a stretch
  4. Yolanda Merriman - @Yymerri - who is probably one of the brightest actual friends I have
  5. Travis Barnes -@tbarnes211 -My husband, who typically is overlooked because he is so quiet, but who has the point of view that is always more meaningful and existential than mine.

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