Tuesday, December 1, 2015

You can't blame her...

In benchmark testing my 6 year old today, I tell her that she is taking a very hard test. One that I cannot give her help on. There will be questions she sees that will be soooo easy and some she will see that will be so so so so hard - I was talking 6 year old ya'll

She started the test and as I am looking over her shoulder I am pleased overall with her logic. And then she comes to a fairly simple probability question. There are 3 bins of toys. Each of the containers are filled with varying amounts of cars and dinosaurs. She was to drag and drop a tag of "very likely" OR "very unlikely" to show if she would have a better chance of picking out a car.

The correct answer would have been two were very likely and one being very unlikely.

She choose very unlikely on all three. She informed me that should could see into the containers AND she liked dinosaurs waaaaayyyy better than cars. So she was very unlikely to pick a car out of any of the bins.

Even though she got this question wrong according to the testing company, she got the winning answer in my book. Love this kid!!!

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