Sunday, November 15, 2015

this grand adventure we call love

I Love my family. I love Tatum and Jolene and Travis.

I love God. I love finding something new in a book Ive been reading for years. I find that lately He has been particularly hilarious. Im sure he is cracking up too when I "make plans".
I love teaching. I love teaching students and I love teaching teachers. 
I love reading books...should I read Catcher in the Rye for a 4th time? 
I love diving into more. I love getting to know something inside and out and then moving on the the next thing. I am kind of a diver. 
I love thinking about big pictures.
I love my backyard.
I love writing blog posts and then sitting by the analytics and watching the numbers...ehm number go 2. From one to two. 
I love pinning things on Pinterest. I love even more getting to move those pins into my completed projects folder.
I love talking with other teachers, tweeting with other teachers, Hangouts with other teachers. When you get a group of great teachers together they will be lit up the next day at school. 
I love school and classes...even though they stress me the hell out sometimes. 
I love my mom, even though I never tell her that. Why would I tell her that? Then she will have won...something...sigh, I love you mom. And dad. You guys are pretty great. 
I love staying in bed on a Saturday and watching a television show...marathon...3 seasons in 24 hours isn't too bad...right? 
I love love love so many things. 
BUT I HATE time wasters. Yes, I know I posted about Netflix marathon watching. That's not what I mean. I really do not like putting all of my time and energy and focus on a project or an event and watching it sail on past with nobody on the boat. Not even me, because it was determined that while the boat looked like fun or was great in theory, we are going to start building a rocket ship. I do dive in so I should expect the water to be too cold from time to time and that I will need to get out. 
I am however ready for that next grand adventure. I am ready to stop being one of those phonies and make something happen. Ive never written so much like Holden Caulfield. That was fun. 

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  1. You should totally read Catcher in the Rye again. And again. I'm about to read The Sun Also Rises for the bajilliontieth time. Always come back to your favorites. You love them for a reason.